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Mantras for Mini

Mantras for Mini

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22 affirmation cards for children. These short positive statements aim to tap into your child’s conscious and unconscious mind. To motivate them to reach their full potential in life. This might sound big and mighty, but it can start with small steps. Affirmations help kids to believe they are smart, kind and unique. Tapping into their courage, teaching them it’s okay to be different and be proud to be yourself.

This deck contains

- 22 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards full of positivity.
- Manual explaining how to work with the cards.
- Quality packaging with easy-to-open magnetic closure.


- Cards: Laminated Sulphate Cardboard
- Box: Chromo cardboard GC1
- CO2-neutral produced

Shipping & Returns

30 day return policy


- Cards: 90 x 130 mm
- Packaging: 133 x 93 x 27 mm

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  • Connect with mini

    Build memories that last. Our products help you to connect with your child on a deeper level. So slot out a moment in the day to have a conversation and sprinkle around small sentences of positive thinking.

  • Products that last

    We create with our end user in mind. That means quality products, sturdy paper and a box that is easy to open for children. So you and your child can enjoy the cards for a long time.

  • Consciously created

    There is no planet B, and if we want to help the next generation flourish, we should think about the planet they live on too. Therefore sustainability is not an afterthought. It's our starting point.

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What people are saying

  • “I love that these cards enable me to connect to my child on a deeper level”

  • “This is such a fun part of our family’s morning routine now!”

  • “My son has gained so much confidence over the last months!”

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How to use the cards

There are endless ways to work with the cards and you can find some of our suggestions below.

  • Get a stack and work your way through them. Read the cards out loud and ask your child to repeat after you. Try to really get into the emotions and feel together what these statements do to you!

  • Ask your child to select or pull one card and have a conversation about it. What emotion does the affirmation spark? Does the child believe the affirmation applies to them? Why (not)?

  • Shuffle the cards and pick one card for the day. This can be the childs focus for the day. Place it somewhere visible and end the day with a conversation. How did it feel to be …?

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But above all, be creative! Found another way to work with the cards? We would love to hear from you! Share your creative way with us through our social channels or send us an email at